My Old General Store is the place to find unique office decor and gifts that aren't available anywhere else. Our selection includes vintage posters and other wall decor remastered from century-old magazines and photographs. We have great office decorations such as hand-crafted business card holders and custom, personalized notepads that are also perfect as client gifts and can be packaged in our unique collection of gift boxes! My Old General Store boasts many other products, including weathervanes, hand-crafted cherry and walnut furniture, books, old Bible Pages and more!

Our unique gift boxes are really something to look at. We make them ourselves from start to finish and you won't find a more original gift box like them anywhere else. Each gift box design comes from a piece of an old town playset of houses and stores over 110 years old, so these house gift boxes are truly collectible items. We also have holiday gift boxes which are great for sending Christmas candy too! Much could also be said for our old, vintage posters and photographs. The old posters were created from century-old magazine covers and remastered as large posters unique to our general store, and the old photographs we have are one-of-a-kind. We touched up each photo while still preserving the original look of the photos for excellect old-timey wall decoration. Again, these products are unique and made only by Beyer Printing, Inc.

Interesting Facts, Backgrounds, and History

Want to know about the products here at My Old General Store? Or do you just love history? Check out the research we've put together for you!

Each product at My Old General Store is distributed by our parent company, Beyer Printing, Inc. In fact, all of the wall decor and gift boxes are produced right in the building using up-to-date digital processes. To find out more about us, please visit You can also order printing from us online at

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